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Amy K. McEwan

The One Where You Survive A PhD In A Global Pandemic…

Discover how one PhD student survived and even thrived during the global pandemic in this inspiring story of resilience and perseverance. From coping with the uncertainties of lockdown to finding balance and kindness in academic life, this journey offers valuable insights and lessons for anyone pursuing a PhD.

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Max Portman

Dual Discipline: Doing A PhD With A Chronic Illness

Max Portman shares his experience of doing a PhD with a chronic illness in this personal essay. He talks about the challenges he faced due to his illness, including fatigue and the inability to travel, and how his PhD helped him stay focused during tough times.

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Karen Arzate Quintanilla

“Look Right, Look Left”

Karen, who recently started her PhD at the University of Leeds, reflects on her experiences adjusting to life in the UK, including the language barrier, slower pace of life, and the complexities of the PhD journey. She shares the struggles of finding her research direction, fighting gender stereotypes in academia, and the fears that come with being an international student.

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Jim Hulbert

Travelling, Working, And Returning To Academia

A former history MA graduate, Jim Hulbert, recounts how he went from traveling to working, and returning to academia. After some years of working, he decided to pursue a PhD, a journey that was jumpstarted during the COVID-19 pandemic when he was furloughed from work.

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Daniel Walker

What Do I Know Three Years On?

In “What Do I Know Three Years On?” Daniel Walker reflects on his PhD journey and offers advice to those embarking on a similar path. He emphasizes the importance of perspective, self-awareness, and remaining humble, and shares a reflection exercise that helps maintain focus and motivation.

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Getting started
Nathan H. Clarke

The Art Of Working From Home: Studying During The Pandemic And Beyond

COVID-19 changed the world of academia, making it even more isolating than before. Clarke shares tips and tricks for students and researchers to improve their work-life balance while working from home, including setting boundaries, sticking to routines, separating work from home, taking breaks, and keeping in touch with others.

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Karl Miller

Doing Your PhD During A Pandemic, And Being Open To Adapting Your Research

Adapting to changes in research plans is an important skill for all researchers. Karl Miller writes about the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, including working from home, the inability to access equipment, and the need to redesign studies. However, online data collection provided new opportunities for learning and developing new skills.

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Managing PhD Stress And Staying Motivated. 

A research journey is a rollercoaster ride with its fair share of ups and downs. If we can enjoy the happy moments, we can overcome the things which pull us down. Let us see our PhD as a solo adventure trek, rather than a track race.

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