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Sarah Beth Gable

Office 216

Discover how a graduate student’s temporary office space serves as a metaphor for their sense of unbelonging throughout their academic journey, and how they find solace in making the most of the temporary joys that come their way.

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Eleazar Reward

Oral Defense Of A Foodie Candidate

This article by Eleazar Reward shares how being a foodie has enriched his life as a doctoral candidate in molecular virology, broadening his cultural integration, creating special memories, and promoting healthy nutrition.

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Jodie Boisvert

Imposter Syndrome: The Importance Of Developing A Support System

In this article, Jodie Boisvert discusses her experience with imposter syndrome during her journey to earning a PhD. She shares tips she learned from her professors and peers, including skimming reading materials to highlight key points and writing notes in the margins to enhance critical thinking skills.

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Managing PhD Stress And Staying Motivated. 

A research journey is a rollercoaster ride with its fair share of ups and downs. If we can enjoy the happy moments, we can overcome the things which pull us down. Let us see our PhD as a solo adventure trek, rather than a track race.

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