Our mission is to support you on your doctoral journey.

Doing a PhD is hard​.

The PhD Place was founded with the mission of tackling student isolation, inspired by our founder’s firsthand experience of the confusion and loneliness of academic life.

We started by launching our blog, ‘PhD Spotlight’, now known as ‘PhD Stories’, as a space for researchers to come together and share their doctoral journeys. As our community grew, we began offering online writing groups where members could write together and discuss their work. This led to the formation of a vibrant academic community where researchers could seek guidance, advice, and support on all aspects of their doctoral experience.

Our Vision

To create a community where all doctoral students feel valued, supported, and equipped with the resources and tools needed to succeed in their research, and where diversity, creativity, and collaboration are celebrated.

Our Mission

To provide support, kindness, and respect to all researchers as they embark on their doctoral studies, and to empower them to become leaders in their fields, equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle complex challenges and make meaningful contributions to society.

Our Process

Our platform seeks to foster a culture of collaboration, curiosity, and lifelong learning, where members can exchange ideas, explore diverse perspectives, and build lasting relationships that extend beyond the academic realm.