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Create a talk

Share your doctoral journey with The PhD Place community and motivate others with your experiences.

Step 1 - Plan

Choose a topic and get ideas from our YouTube account. Check our categories to ensure your video aligns with our objectives.

Step 2 - Record

Follow our guidelines and create a high-quality video with clear audio using Microsoft Flip or use your own device.

Step 3 - upload

Join our Flip group and upload or record your video using Microsoft Flip. You might need to sign up to upload your video.

Step 4 - send

After uploading, email a video release form to us, which can be found under our ‘Video Submission Policy​’ below. Upload it using the form at the bottom of this page.

Guidance for videos

Researchers are welcome to contribute to either our PhD Skills or Research Series. You can talk about any relevant aspect of your PhD experience including your research. We advise that you direct message us on Twitter @ThePhDPlace to share your ideas before you start.

To ensure the best viewing experience, please film your video in landscape mode with clear audio and good video quality. Please use natural language that is easy to understand for all audiences. Your video should be between 5 to 10 minutes long and filmed in landscape format.

Please do not use PowerPoint presentations or edit visuals into you video. You can include up to three visuals in your video which we will edit in for you, sent to us via email. Please note that branded products, including clothing, music, or sound effects, are not permitted in your video. Offensive language, including profanity, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, or transphobia, will not be tolerated.

Do not incite violence, promote violent ideologies, or share misleading information intentionally. Let’s keep the conversation respectful, informative, and engaging for everyone.

Video Submission Policy

We periodically update our Article Submission Policy, which you can find here. Please make sure to check for any updates when you visit our site. You should also read our site’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Disclaimer along with this Submission Policy. The “Creator”, “You”, and “Your”, referred to below is the person who records the video and signs the video release form uploaded using the form below.

Before your video can be published on YouTube, all Creators are required to sign and return The PhD Place Ltd Video Release Form (available in Microsoft Word format). Please coordinate with [email protected] to agree on a publishing date before submitting the form (we will not upload your video until after the date of discontinuation you provide us with).

In addition to being published across our social networks, your video will be embedded on To do this, we will need to create a profile for each Creator on our website, which will include your full name and author bio. An example can be found here. To populate your profile, please use the form below.

As the video Creator, it is your responsibility to obtain consent from any individuals mentioned in the video. You must also inform us of any necessary content warnings (trigger warnings) for your video.

To ensure inclusivity, your video must not contain any defamatory, profane, obscene, or illegal material, or any content that is slanderous or libellous. You are also responsible for ensuring that your work and any provided information do not violate intellectual property rights. The PhD Place acts under the creator’s instructions and isn’t obligated to check or confirm the legal use of reproducing any content.

Please note that The PhD Place will act solely on the instructions of the video creator and is not obligated to verify the legal use of any reproduced content. All content is subject to review and may be removed without notice. The PhD Place Ltd is not affiliated with YouTube.

By contributing your video, you acknowledge and agree that The PhD Place Ltd assumes no responsibility for any risks associated with your participation in this project, whether legal, physical, or mental. You also release The PhD Place Ltd from any claims, demands, losses, damages, suits, and liabilities of any kind in connection with this project.

Contact us

If you require assistance or have inquiries regarding our PhD Stories platform, you can get in touch with us by using our contact form. We will gladly assist you with your concerns.

Video release submission form

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