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Cheryl Jolly

How to Deal with Boredom During the PhD

This article discusses the dark cloud of boredom that doctoral students may experience during the long PhD journey. It explores some possible causes of boredom, such as social media leading to comparison and disinterest in our own lives, and provides tips on how to handle it – aiming to inspire and encourage you to have a wonderful research journey ahead!

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Discover essential strategies to secure funding and master the art of crafting successful applications, ensuring that your academic aspirations are supported by the financial resources you need.

Applications and Funding
Mikaila Chetty

Applying for a PhD in the Sciences: A 7-Step Guide

This article provides a step-by-step guide for people interested in pursuing a PhD, particularly in the sciences (though much of the advice carries over to other disciplines as well). It emphasizes the importance of identifying personal interests and goals, fully researching different programs, and knowing the key differences between doing a PhD in different countries.

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