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The One Where You Survive A PhD In A Global Pandemic…

Discover how one PhD student survived and even thrived during the global pandemic in this inspiring story of resilience and perseverance. From coping with the uncertainties of lockdown to finding balance and kindness in academic life, this journey offers valuable insights and lessons for anyone pursuing a PhD.

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Writing Up: What Worked for Me

In this article, Jennie Riley shares how she tackled the writing-up process, including creating a timetable and breaking down her work into smaller goals, ultimately leading to a successful draft.

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Lessons I Have Learnt From My PhD

Hannah Ryan shares her valuable experiences and lessons learnt throughout her PhD journey. She emphasizes the importance of engaging in other activities besides research, combating loneliness, maintaining good relationships with supervisors, consistent writing and using rejections as learning experiences.

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I am a second-year creative writing postgraduate research student (thesis working title: ‘Reclaiming Cabaret. A Queer Haunted Autoethnography Of Real, Researched And Imagined Stories Of Cabaret Past And Present’). The creative element of my thesis is my autoethnographic novel, Blond Angel, - a queer haunted recollection of my life in a small touring cabaret dance company in Italy between 1980-1986. This exposes the gap in recent dance history, pertaining to British dancers who worked the cabaret nightclubs of Europe in the 1970s and 1980s. I also story people and places from the origins of the modern cabaret in fin-de-siècle Paris, bringing the past and present together in a magically real space, where real, researched and imagined lives meet, haunt and interact within my lived experience. The critical reflection evolves the use of the autoethnographic novel as a qualitative research methodology, valuing personal and evocative writing as equal to conventional academic research. This approach resists the patriarchal discourse of traditional academic narratives.
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