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My name is Alicia Wickert (She/ Her). I am a PGR at the University of Birmingham. I have an undergraduate degree in English Language and Linguistics and a master's degree in Intercultural Communication. I am currently in my first year of a PhD in English Language and Applied Linguistics. My research focuses on impoliteness and impoliteness reciprocity in interaction, specifically in political discourse. Follow me on Twitter: @_alicia__w

The H in PhD Stands for Hope: Remaining Hopeful in a PhD Journey

The PhD journey can make us lose hope, feeling trapped in the melancholy that often befriends the doctoral journey. But this empowering and uplifting article, written from a South African perspective, explores the idea of hope being an important friend to PhD candidates, helping us reach the finish line to graduation. Alongside the author’s personal journey with mental health, the article emphasises the importance of prioritising wellbeing, changing strategy when things aren’t working, and always remaining hopeful for the future.

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