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Alyssa Miville is a Clinical Psychology PhD student who is entering the third year of her PhD program this coming fall at Binghamton University. She conducts research through the Center for Transdisciplinary Research on Intimate Relationships and is interested in studying how religion and spirituality positively and negatively influence satisfaction, sexuality, and gender roles in the context of romantic relationships. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Susquehanna University and completed a post-baccalaureate year of service at a city-center church, where she became interested in the intersection between faith and relationships.

Tips and Tales from a First-Generation Student

The barriers faced by first-generation students can be altogether challenging when navigating graduate school. In this article, a fellow first-generation student shares what it has been like being in a PhD program and offers pieces of encouragement and advice for getting through.

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The Secret Power Of Blogging

Discover the secret power of blogging for PhD students looking to combat boredom and isolation. Kerry McPherson shares her experience starting a collaborative science communication blog and how it led to networking, expanding her communication skills, learning, and even career opportunities.

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Building a Rainbow: Ideas and Coalition Building on the American Left, c. 1973-88

To some observers, the emergence of Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other parts of the American left can appear to have come from nothing. Yet by looking at the intellectual and political changes of the 1970s and 1980s, we can see that they in fact have clear historical origins. The idea of a ‘rainbow coalition’ in particular reveals how they owe much to concepts developed in this foundational period.

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