Author Info: Author: Amy K. McEwan

Amy K. McEwan
Amy is a final year PhD student at Glasgow Caledonian University. Her PhD research focuses on exploring the lived experience of Hepatitis C reinfection amongst people who inject drugs, and the opinions of Healthcare Professionals in relation to Hepatitis C reinfection. She is a member of the Substance Use Research Group (@SubMisuseGcu) and also the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Research Group at GCU. Twitter: @amykmce

The One Where You Survive A PhD In A Global Pandemic…

Discover how one PhD student survived and even thrived during the global pandemic in this inspiring story of resilience and perseverance. From coping with the uncertainties of lockdown to finding balance and kindness in academic life, this journey offers valuable insights and lessons for anyone pursuing a PhD.

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Managing PhD Stress And Staying Motivated. 

A research journey is a rollercoaster ride with its fair share of ups and downs. If we can enjoy the happy moments, we can overcome the things which pull us down. Let us see our PhD as a solo adventure trek, rather than a track race.

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