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Dr Chris Thompson is a DTP Placements Manager with the Midlands Graduate School (MGS). Chris previously worked in professional sport and as a lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science, and completed his thesis investigating 'Mental Fatigue in Football' in April 2021, which was recognised on the Dean’s List at the University of Technology, Sydney. Chris runs the MGS page on X: @mgsesrcdtp

Spare Me the Lecture: A Short Guide On How to Excel In Your First Teaching Role

If you are reading this, it is assumed that you are about to embark on an exciting new journey in teaching at university level. Congratulations! You are about to enter a highly rewarding area of academia where each day is different and full of opportunity to inspire those around you. This blogpost goes through five key considerations to help you prepare for success before entering the classroom.

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Academic Job Interviews: 5 Questions You Should Be Ready For

Regardless of your PhD stage, you can help your future self by getting interview-ready now. This article goes through five interview questions based on your research that are commonly asked at academic job interviews, with advice on what you can do now during your time as a PhD student to be more prepared in the future!

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Death by a Thousand Semesters: Are Academic Careers as All-Consuming as People Say?

The stress and all-consuming nature of pursuing an academic career is often detailed in social media posts and anecdotal tales. Whilst it is useful for PhD students to understand the perils of careers in academia, this article provides further context for some of the issues surrounding progression in the academic profession. It runs through five factors that impact on how all-consuming academic careers can be, ultimately advising you to progress in academia at your own pace.

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Six Ways To Prepare For Your Upcoming PhD

Dr Chris Thompson offers six ways to prepare for a PhD. Alongside finding rest, students should reach out to current PhD students or experienced academics to absorb their wisdom, research their new surroundings, and connect with future colleagues to create a network before starting.

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