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Deirdre Dingman is an associate professor in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Temple University. Prior to joining the faculty at Temple in 2016, she completed a RWJF post-doctoral fellowship in public health law research. Her degrees include a BS in social work, PBC in gerontology, an MPH and DrPH. Dr. Dingman currently teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses. Her areas of expertise include substance use and addiction, harm reduction and stigma. She has personal, professional and educational experience in prevention and treatment of substance use and substance use disorder, and recently completed a SAMHSA grant to study the opioid crisis in higher education. Her work continues to focus on reducing stigma and discrimination around substance use, especially through service with the American Public Health Association's ATOD committee.

“Look Right, Look Left”

Karen, who recently started her PhD at the University of Leeds, reflects on her experiences adjusting to life in the UK, including the language barrier, slower pace of life, and the complexities of the PhD journey. She shares the struggles of finding her research direction, fighting gender stereotypes in academia, and the fears that come with being an international student.

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What Do I Know Three Years On?

In “What Do I Know Three Years On?” Daniel Walker reflects on his PhD journey and offers advice to those embarking on a similar path. He emphasizes the importance of perspective, self-awareness, and remaining humble, and shares a reflection exercise that helps maintain focus and motivation.

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