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Writing Up: What Worked for Me

In this article, Jennie Riley shares how she tackled the writing-up process, including creating a timetable and breaking down her work into smaller goals, ultimately leading to a successful draft.

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Stops And Starts: The Growing Pains Of The PhD

Get insights from a PhD candidate’s reflective diary on the process of starting, struggling with, and ultimately completing a doctoral research project. Discover the trials and tribulations of getting ethical approval, recruiting participants, and navigating the pandemic while working towards a degree.

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Gemma Rides (She/Her) is a PhD researcher and Teaching Associate in the Department of Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London. She is interested in the relationship between adolescents' social media use and mental health. Her PhD research is focused on understanding the links between adolescents' online social communicative behaviour, in particular their use of likes, comments and shares, and levels of anxiety and depression. Follow Gemma on ​Twitter: @Gemma_Rides
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