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Hannah Ryan
Hannah Ryan (She/ Her) is a doctoral researcher in Sociology and Policy at the School of Languages and Social Sciences, Aston University. Her research explores the visual portrayal of refugees and asylum seekers in British newspapers, drawing on an intersectional framework which examines the impact of gender, race, religion and age on visual representation. Follow her on Twitter: @HannahRyan22

Lessons I Have Learnt From My PhD

Hannah Ryan shares her valuable experiences and lessons learnt throughout her PhD journey. She emphasizes the importance of engaging in other activities besides research, combating loneliness, maintaining good relationships with supervisors, consistent writing and using rejections as learning experiences.

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Managing PhD Stress And Staying Motivated. 

A research journey is a rollercoaster ride with its fair share of ups and downs. If we can enjoy the happy moments, we can overcome the things which pull us down. Let us see our PhD as a solo adventure trek, rather than a track race.

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