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Holly (she/her) is currently the Careers Adviser for Postgraduate Researchers at the University of Birmingham (UK) and author of the PhD Careers blog ‘PostGradual.’ She completed her PhD in English Literature at the University of Birmingham in 2011. Since completing her PhD, she gained four years experience in postgraduate student recruitment before moving over to postgraduate careers support. To aid this move, between 2014-16 she went back to studying part-time for a professional career guidance qualification. Holly lives with a rare eye condition called AZOOR which causes visual field defects/loss, and outside of work she is a volunteer content writer for UK sight loss charity RNIB. Follow Holly on Twitter: @holby83 and check her Academic profile in:

Neurodivergence, Mental Health and the PhD: A Compilation of Advice and Support

Are you a PhD student with ADHD, autism and/or mental health difficulties, or want to find out how you can support those who do?

In this article, our Editor-in-Chief reflects on a compilation of our top articles featuring impactful stories of perseverance from neurodivergent PhDers. These five writers all offer valuable support on how to navigate the PhD and prioritise wellbeing in the face of challenges posed by neurodivergence in an unaccommodating world. If the summaries sound good, you can enjoy the full articles for yourself (click the titles to open in a new tab)!

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