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Jade is a soon-to-be doctoral graduate at the University of Nottingham. Her interests include settler-colonial and Indigenous studies, as well as Gothic literature and film. She has published in Gothic Studies journal and has recently completed a chapter in a peer-reviewed collection on Global Aboriginal/Indigenous Horror, forthcoming from The University of Western Ontario. She currently works for The PhD Place and as a copy editor for the University of Wales Press.

Office 216

Discover how a graduate student’s temporary office space serves as a metaphor for their sense of unbelonging throughout their academic journey, and how they find solace in making the most of the temporary joys that come their way.

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The pros and cons of basing your PhD on your Master’s topic

In this video, Dr Nicolai Due-Gunderson explores the advantages and disadvantages of basing your PhD on your Master’s topic. Whether you’re considering continuing your studies or are already on the path to pursuing a PhD, this video offers valuable insights to help you make an informed decision about your research direction.

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