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Jake Dunlop is a current PhD Student in the field of Microbiology. He has both an undergraduate and master’s degree in Microbiology, after which he spent time working in the NHS. His current topics include the study of bacterial endospores and antimicrobial resistance.

Anxiety in Academia: Using Anxiety as My Superpower  

Anxiety is a debilitating condition that can make the simplest of tasks difficult, let alone a PhD. This empowering article follows Jake’s experience with anxiety during sixth form and university, and how once he discovered research he began to view anxiety as a superpower to keep his PhD pushing forwards. He shares anxiety-reducing techniques for when it gets too much, including affirmations and breath control, and emphasises the value of accepting anxiety in your life.

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Neurodivergence, Mental Health and the PhD: A Compilation of Advice and Support

Are you navigating a PhD with neurodivergence and mental health challenges, or want to find out how you can support those who do? In this article, our Editor-in-Chief reflects on five impactful stories from PhDers who’ve been there. Discover their strategies for success and prioritising wellbeing in an often-unaccommodating world. Click the subheadings to enjoy the full articles for yourself!

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