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Jazli Aziz is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia. He has a biomedical science background and his fields of interest include immunology, molecular biology, and oral microbiology. He is currently part of several research teams studying a wide variety of topics, primarily focusing on oral health and its link to systemic health. He also has a keen interest in science communication. Through his social media accounts, he likes to share his experiences in academia as well as interesting scientific facts in an easily digestible manner for everyone to enjoy. Threads - Instagram - YouTube -

Effective Spoken Communication in Academia

Mastering effective spoken communication in academia involves clarity, intonation, and body language. Encouraging audience participation, using visuals wisely, and developing a unique style contribute to this art form. With practice, anyone can enhance their presentation skills and make complex topics more accessible.

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How I Wrote My PhD Thesis In One Year

Is it possible to complete your PhD thesis in just one year? Read these tips and tricks for writing your own theses. Discover how Jazli prepared before writing, utilized a “changelog” for his supervisors, wrote whenever he was in the mood, worked on a flexible schedule, had a supervisor that checked his content and not his writing, and, most importantly, enjoyed writing.

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The Secret Power Of Blogging

Discover the secret power of blogging for PhD students looking to combat boredom and isolation. Kerry McPherson shares her experience starting a collaborative science communication blog and how it led to networking, expanding her communication skills, learning, and even career opportunities.

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90 and Thriving: Dr Bronwyn Herbert’s Later-in-Life PhD Kept Her Feeling Younger

At ninety years old, Dr Bronwyn Herbert has completed her PhD at the University of Queensland, Australia. The PhD Place had the pleasure of interviewing her across the globe to share her inspiring story with our readers! Drawing on her extensive career in social work and her wealth of life experience, Bronwyn promotes the joy of lifelong learning and showcases the power of resilience that every PhD student can seek to emulate.

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How to Handle the Jump Straight from Undergrad to PhD 

Are you considering going straight from an undergraduate degree to a PhD, skipping the master’s? At 22 years old, Tess shares her experience of this and provides some valuable insights about how she prepared and applied for her PhD in Computing without doing a master’s degree.

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