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Kathryn Zacharek is a Techne-funded PhD researcher working on the biopolitics of right-wing populism at the University of Brighton. When she is not studying she works as an academic support worker in the Disability and Dyslexia department, as well as fulfilling the role of Senior-Editor of the student-led journal Interfere.  Follow her on Twitter: @kzacharek212​

Coping with Bereavement During a PhD: Grow Around the Grief

Grief is a lesser-discussed topic in academia, but processing grief due to the loss of a loved one compounds the challenges of doing a PhD. In this thought-provoking article, Kathryn Zacharek shares her experience of navigating a PhD during bereavement, where she took time out, leaned on her support networks, and researched ways to let her life ‘grow around the grief’.

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Solidarity In The Collective

It’s important to find community and support while undertaking a PhD. For Kathryn, forming a decolonisation collective held potential for friendship. In this article she reflects on the valuable lessons learned from being part of a collective, including the need for solidarity, sharing resources, and supporting one another emotionally and mentally.

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Office 216

Discover how a graduate student’s temporary office space serves as a metaphor for their sense of unbelonging throughout their academic journey, and how they find solace in making the most of the temporary joys that come their way.

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