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Marika (she/her) is a first year PhD student of English Literature at Swansea University doing a project in comparative literature. She is researching the presence of Giacomo Leopardi, the most important Italian author of the 19th century, in James Joyce’s masterpieces. Before moving to the UK, Marika completed a Master’s Degree in Modern Literature and Philology, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in International Communication. Marika Strano’s interests range from classical philology (with a particular focus both on Petronius and Apuleius’ novels, and on the reception of the Greek Myth in Italian and Irish Literature), to Modern Italian, Irish, English and American authors. Twitter: @GiacominoJoyce

My PhD Journey As An International Student

Marika Strano, a first-year PhD student in English Literature at Swansea University, shares her journey as an international student in her PhD program. Despite the difficulties and rejections she faced before being accepted at Swansea, Marika was thrilled when she finally received her offer to study in the UK, but she also shares the challenges of being an international student and how it affects her mental health.

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You Belong Here! The Battle With Your Inner Voice

In this article, Rohan Samuels talks about his personal experience dealing with imposter syndrome and personal insecurities during his doctoral journey and how he overcame them by embracing who he truly was. He suggests that the battle with the “inner-you” is an illusion and encourages doctoral students to be authentic and recognize their self-worth.

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