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Mercedes (She/Her) has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Lecturer at University of Cordoba (Department of Psychology). Member of "Laboratorio de Estudios sobre la Convivencia y Prevención de la Violencia" research group (Studies on Coexistence and Violence Prevention Lab). Research into positive psychology, well-being and adolescence. Twitter: @dr_gomez_lopez

The Secret Power Of Blogging

Discover the secret power of blogging for PhD students looking to combat boredom and isolation. Kerry McPherson shares her experience starting a collaborative science communication blog and how it led to networking, expanding her communication skills, learning, and even career opportunities.

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How to Handle the Jump Straight from Undergrad to PhD 

Are you considering going straight from an undergraduate degree to a PhD, skipping the master’s? At 22 years old, Tess shares her experience of this and provides some valuable insights about how she prepared and applied for her PhD in Computing without doing a master’s degree.

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