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Michael is a doctoral candidate in Medical Microbiology in Ghana, at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and attached to the Skin-related Neglected Tropical Diseases Research Group at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine. Michael’s work focuses on studying the microbiomes of ulcerative neglected tropical diseases. He also takes interest in the public and global health impact of the findings of his research. X: michel_appau15

Finding the Right Supervisors: An Underrated Springboard to Enjoying the PhD Journey 

Mentors and supervisors are invaluable helpers on our PhD journey, yet this aspect of a PhD is often not considered enough to ensure they are the right fit for us. This article, from a Ghanian perspective, provides advice on finding and maintaining the right supervisors, who have the potential to completely transform one’s PhD journey into an enjoyable one. It reminds us that supervisors should be seen not as someone to try to replicate, but to springboard us into attaining our own personal goals.

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How to Handle the Jump Straight from Undergrad to PhD 

Are you considering going straight from an undergraduate degree to a PhD, skipping the master’s? At 22 years old, Tess shares her experience of this and provides some valuable insights about how she prepared and applied for her PhD in Computing without doing a master’s degree.

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