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Dr Nicolai Due-Gundersen is a Middle East analyst @SRMInform and former Lecturer with the United Nations. He has published books The Privatization of Warfare (Intersentia) and Defending Dictatorship (Palgrave Macmillan) and appeared on Al Jazeera and CGTN.

The pros and cons of basing your PhD on your Master’s topic

In this video, Dr Nicolai Due-Gunderson explores the advantages and disadvantages of basing your PhD on your Master’s topic. Whether you’re considering continuing your studies or are already on the path to pursuing a PhD, this video offers valuable insights to help you make an informed decision about your research direction.

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You Belong Here! The Battle With Your Inner Voice

In this article, Rohan Samuels talks about his personal experience dealing with imposter syndrome and personal insecurities during his doctoral journey and how he overcame them by embracing who he truly was. He suggests that the battle with the “inner-you” is an illusion and encourages doctoral students to be authentic and recognize their self-worth.

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