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Rebecca Hall is a 1st year PhD student and research assistant at the School of Law, University of Nottingham. Her research interests include international law, the law of armed conflict and disaster law. She has a LLB in Law from the University of Lincoln, a LLM in International Law and Global Justice from the University of Sheffield and a MA in Social Science Research from the University of Nottingham. Follow her on Twitter: @RebeccaL_H_

“Look Right, Look Left”

Karen, who recently started her PhD at the University of Leeds, reflects on her experiences adjusting to life in the UK, including the language barrier, slower pace of life, and the complexities of the PhD journey. She shares the struggles of finding her research direction, fighting gender stereotypes in academia, and the fears that come with being an international student.

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Effective Spoken Communication in Academia

Mastering effective spoken communication in academia involves clarity, intonation, and body language. Encouraging audience participation, using visuals wisely, and developing a unique style contribute to this art form. With practice, anyone can enhance their presentation skills and make complex topics more accessible.

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