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Viva Support
Sue Lynn Mah

The Week Before My Viva

Sue Lynn Mah shares her experience preparing for and passing her PhD viva in her article. In the week leading up to the big day, she re-read her thesis, had a mock viva with her supervisor, practiced explaining her work to people outside of her field, and printed out a physical copy of her thesis. Her tips for viva success include picking out your outfit in advance and practicing your elevator pitch.

Getting started
Nathan H. Clarke

The Art Of Working From Home: Studying During The Pandemic And Beyond

COVID-19 changed the world of academia, making it even more isolating than before. Clarke shares tips and tricks for students and researchers to improve their work-life balance while working from home, including setting boundaries, sticking to routines, separating work from home, taking breaks, and keeping in touch with others.

Karl Miller

Doing Your PhD During A Pandemic, And Being Open To Adapting Your Research

Adapting to changes in research plans is an important skill for all researchers. Karl Miller writes about the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, including working from home, the inability to access equipment, and the need to redesign studies. However, online data collection provided new opportunities for learning and developing new skills.

Amelia Watkins-Smith

PhD Applications In The Social Sciences: A Beginner’s Guide

Looking for guidance on pursuing a PhD in the social sciences? This article outlines two main routes to obtaining a PhD: applying to a pre-existing program or creating and proposing an original research project, and offers advice on how to find supervisors, create proposals, and apply for funding.


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