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I am a Professor (Chair) of Global Health Design Innovation at Lancaster University in the UK and a Co-Director of the Future Cities Research Institute between Lancaster and Sunway Universities. I have spent the last decade and a half building a successful academic career going from PhD graduate to Full Professor in less than 15 years and by the age of 40. Then, in 2021, seeing colleagues and PhD students struggle with getting jobs or getting on the academic career ladder, I decided to do something about it. I am now lifting the hood up of academic career development, showing the process underneath, so that others have a guiding light that helps them on their journey. You can follow me on Twitter (@PhDtoProfMentor) and on LinkedIn for a free academic career advice every weekday as well as a free interview guide.

Succeeding at Your Next Postdoc or Lectureship Interview: 5 Insider Tips 

Want to impress potential employers during your next postdoc or lectureship interview? This article has insider tips from an experienced hiring committee member. Learn how to research the institution and interviewers, prepare examples of your teaching and research experience, practice common interview questions, highlight your collaborative skills, and ask thoughtful questions to impress your interviewers and stand out from the crowd. By following these tips, you can show that you are the ideal candidate for the position and help advance your career in academia.

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Data Collection In Sensitive Situations

The ethical implications of field research require careful consideration and reflexivity. Chukwudi Njoku offers some reflections of his PhD fieldwork on the pastoralists-farmers conflict in Benue and Taraba States, Nigeria.

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Coping with Bereavement During a PhD: Grow Around the Grief

Grief is a lesser-discussed topic in academia, but processing grief due to the loss of a loved one compounds the challenges of doing a PhD. In this thought-provoking article, Kathryn Zacharek shares her experience of navigating a PhD during bereavement, where she took time out, leaned on her support networks, and researched ways to let her life ‘grow around the grief’.

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