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Jo Strang is a Staff Tutor in Social Work at The Open University and a third-year EdD student. Jo is qualified as a social worker, reflexologist and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner and has worked in Higher Education as a lecturer since 2010. Her research combines her professional interests and aims to explore social work students’ experiences of learning about EFT, a self-help tool often more easily referred to as ‘acupuncture without needles’. This simple tapping technique can reduce the fight-flight response to situations we experience as challenging and assist in processing a variety of emotions.

Realising I Have ADHD During My PhD: A Hidden Battle

This article details the experience of a Professional Doctorate student (and full-time working parent) suddenly becoming aware that she has ADHD – being given a new, neurodivergent lens through which to see herself, and the additional challenges (and solutions) that it brings to a PhD journey. The article offers solutions for coping with a neurodivergent brain in a world generally designed for neurotypical ways of functioning.

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Finding the Right Supervisors: An Underrated Springboard to Enjoying the PhD Journey 

Mentors and supervisors are invaluable helpers on our PhD journey, yet this aspect of a PhD is often not considered enough to ensure they are the right fit for us. This article, from a Ghanian perspective, provides advice on finding and maintaining the right supervisors, who have the potential to completely transform one’s PhD journey into an enjoyable one. It reminds us that supervisors should be seen not as someone to try to replicate, but to springboard us into attaining our own personal goals.

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