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Kris lives in Berlin, Germany, while completing her PhD in Anthrozoology from the University of Exeter, UK. She completed an MA via distance-learning and embarked on her doctoral studies while working full-time in an unrelated field. This midlife career change would not have been possible if she had needed to relocate to a campus. Kris’s research interests include more-than-human cultures, urban animals, domestication, multispecies families, griefwork, and animals in tourism, with a focus on cats. She is currently looking for an academic position. You can find her contact information and read more about Kris’ research and collaborative projects here:

Will distance-based PhDs replace the on-campus experience?

Kris Hill attempts to convince you that inclusion of distance-based post-graduate researchers (PGRs) benefits everyone, including those who are campus-based. Kris explains why inclusion of your distance-based peers is so important to the entire research community and how it is not a threat to the campus experience.

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Travelling, Working, And Returning To Academia

A former history MA graduate, Jim Hulbert, recounts how he went from traveling to working, and returning to academia. After some years of working, he decided to pursue a PhD, a journey that was jumpstarted during the COVID-19 pandemic when he was furloughed from work.

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Solidarity In The Collective

It’s important to find community and support while undertaking a PhD. For Kathryn, forming a decolonisation collective held potential for friendship. In this article she reflects on the valuable lessons learned from being part of a collective, including the need for solidarity, sharing resources, and supporting one another emotionally and mentally.

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