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Lauren Smith is an autistic author and PhD student at the University of Glasgow. Her research focuses on holistic wellbeing within alternative provision settings. Lauren is the founder of A Different Perspective CIC, a community group supporting young autistic people and their families. You can find her on Facebook: Her website is:

Effective Spoken Communication in Academia

Mastering effective spoken communication in academia involves clarity, intonation, and body language. Encouraging audience participation, using visuals wisely, and developing a unique style contribute to this art form. With practice, anyone can enhance their presentation skills and make complex topics more accessible.

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Preparing For Your PhD Interview

Ready to take the next step in your academic career with a PhD? Don’t miss out on these top tips for acing your PhD interview, from finding the right project to researching your supervisors and preparing for presentations.

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From Stay-at-Home Mom to Doctorate Student at 50

Not all doctoral degrees are earned in your 30s and 40s. While many pursue doctoral degrees during those years to attain professional gains and financial security, this article shows how enrolling in a PhD program in your 50s can bring a fresh lens due to entering a new season of life and finally having a window of opportunity to step outside your comfort zone.

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