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Ndirangu is a doctoral student in Finance & Accounting at the University of Nairobi, with a research interest in inequality & poverty, entrepreneurship, economic growth, innovations and national competitiveness, international trade, and productivity. Ndirangu is a regular publisher and columnist with Business Daily Africa among others, he has published in several journals, is a peer reviewer, and he frequently speaks at international and local conferences. He is a fellow of the following institutes: IFE Institute of Advance Studies, Human Science Research Council, Ubuntu, European Union Law & Governance in Populist Times.

Why Research is the Cornerstone of Development in Kenya

Written by a doctoral student in Nairobi, this article discusses the benefits of research in enabling a country, such as Kenya, to generate increased economic growth and social development. Research is fuelled by curiosity and asking questions, immersing us in discovering everything there is to know – and ultimately propels humanity forward with developments.

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Changing Degrees and Pursuing My Own Passions: My Journey to a Fulfilling PhD 

Ever spent years in a degree you were not happy with? This PhD student has, and she advocates for being brave enough to choose personal fulfilment over societal expectations and conventional timelines. In this article, she shares her breakthrough in changing academic direction to a path that better aligns with her passions, and offers empowering words to others who may be in a similar situation.

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