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Paige Davies is a PhD researcher at Leeds Beckett University, and has recently passed her viva and is now working on her corrections. Her research was a mixed methods study to investigate the relationship between maternity care satisfaction ratings and symptoms of postnatal depression, in women from various birth categories. She also works as a research assistant and hourly paid lecturer in the School of Health and Community, and intends to continue her research journey as a Postdoctoral Researcher in 2024. Her passion lies in improving the experiences and outcomes of women in relation to health conditions that solely impact the lives of women.

Navigating Reflexivity: A Guided Example to Move Beyond Reflection

Need guidance writing the reflexivity section of your thesis (or indeed writing reflexively throughout the thesis)? This article defines reflexivity as going beyond reflection to consider the influence of our positionality on our work. It covers three main types of reflexivity – personal reflexivity, methodological reflexivity and philosophical reflexivity – and includes some working examples to illustrate the thought processes and questions that facilitate transparency and rigor in research.

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Oral Defense Of A Foodie Candidate

This article by Eleazar Reward shares how being a foodie has enriched his life as a doctoral candidate in molecular virology, broadening his cultural integration, creating special memories, and promoting healthy nutrition.

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