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Rewan Toubar is a doctoral researcher in building engineering and is a member of the Concordia Acoustics Lab. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering, specializing in building energy and environment. Rewan’s research focuses on developing a comprehensive and comparative framework for quantifying speech privacy in office spaces, the most common indicator of indoor environmental quality. Her research will help provide insights into the impact of noise discomfort on the health, well-being and productivity of office occupants. By quantifying speech privacy in various office layouts and environments, her research could provide evidence to support the development of policies and guidelines that promote healthy and productive work environments. Rewan’s X handle is @rewantoubar

The PhD Roadmap: Key Checkpoints for a Strong Start

From selecting the right program and advisor to managing stress and staying motivated, this article offers a comprehensive guide to support future PhD students with insights and tips to navigate each phase of the doctoral process. With an engaging and supportive tone, this roadmap aims to inspire confidence and enthusiasm, equipping students with the tools they need to embark on this exciting and challenging adventure.

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Tips and Tales from a First-Generation Student

The barriers faced by first-generation students can be altogether challenging when navigating graduate school. In this article, a fellow first-generation student shares what it has been like being in a PhD program and offers pieces of encouragement and advice for getting through.

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