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Charlotte is delighted to be Editor-in-Chief at The PhD Place. Her role includes liaising with the writers, managing the editing team, and polishing all the article submissions to meet our high publication standards, ensuring each unique voice shines through. If you spot any grammatical errors, she will buy you a drink! Alongside her PhD about improving the Criminal Justice System for victim-survivors of domestic violence, Charlotte is passionate about supporting students to improve wellbeing and overcome the shared challenges of a PhD.

90 and Thriving: Dr Bronwyn Herbert’s Later-in-Life PhD Kept Her Feeling Younger

At ninety years old, Dr Bronwyn Herbert has completed her PhD at the University of Queensland, Australia. The PhD Place had the pleasure of interviewing her across the globe to share her inspiring story with our readers! Drawing on her extensive career in social work and her wealth of life experience, Bronwyn promotes the joy of lifelong learning and showcases the power of resilience that every PhD student can seek to emulate.

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Neurodivergence, Mental Health and the PhD: A Compilation of Advice and Support

Are you a PhD student with ADHD, autism and/or mental health difficulties, or want to find out how you can support those who do?

In this article, our Editor-in-Chief reflects on a compilation of our top articles featuring particularly impactful stories of perseverance from neurodivergent PhDers. These five writers all offer valuable support on how to navigate the PhD and prioritise wellbeing in the face of challenges posed by neurodivergence in an unaccommodating world. If the summaries sound good, you can enjoy the full articles for yourself – click the subheadings to open in a new tab!

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Solidarity In The Collective

It’s important to find community and support while undertaking a PhD. For Kathryn, forming a decolonisation collective held potential for friendship. In this article she reflects on the valuable lessons learned from being part of a collective, including the need for solidarity, sharing resources, and supporting one another emotionally and mentally.

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Preparing for the Transfer Viva. My Experience

Get insights into preparing for the transfer viva, an important step in your research journey, from someone who has gone through it. Learn how to focus on your contributions to knowledge, practice your presentation without overdoing it, and trust that you know your research better than anyone else.

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