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Jess Wythe (she/her) is a Visiting Lecturer in Childhood, Youth and Community and a second year EdD candidate at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom. Her research interests are centered around Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and the educational value of school trips to heritage sites. Jess published her first journal article in 2022 which was a study concerning how the Coronavirus restrictions impacted the transition from early years education to Key Stage 1 for learners in a specialist provision setting. Twitter: @wythejess LinkedIn: jesswythe

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for Power Electronic Converters

In modern smart grids, the majority of electromagnetic interference (EMI), particularly within the conducted emission frequency range, arises from Power Electronic (PE) converters. These converters have the potential to cause EMC issues. In accordance with European and British directives, EMC compliance mandates that devices operating within a network should function without introducing interference that leads to “substantial degradation of service under normal operating conditions.” Consequently, any device intended for the market must undergo tests specified in standards like CISPR-16.

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15 Years in Academia: 10 Things I’d Do Differently If Starting My PhD Again

This article reflects on the author’s 15-year academic journey, detailing the lessons learned from disorganised PhD student to effective work habits as a postdoc and assistant professor, and applying these lessons to their current role at Paperpile. Suzanne offers practical advice on academic writing, productivity, and professional development, emphasizing the importance of daily writing practice, systematic note-taking, reflection, goal setting, and the use of digital tools like reference managers. She shares these insights to help current PhD students avoid similar pitfalls and develop productive habits early in their academic careers.

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